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The Great Lakes Seaway Partnership (GLSP) brings together leading U.S. and Canadian maritime organizations working to enhance public understanding of the benefits of commercial shipping in the Great Lakes Seaway region of North America. The organization manages an education-focused communications program, sponsors research, and works closely with media, policy makers, community groups, allied industries, environmental stakeholders, and the general public to highlight the positive attributes of marine transportation. The organization was founded by the Lake Carriers’ Association (LCA), Fednav LimitedAmerican Great Lakes Ports Association (AGLPA) and Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (SLSDC). The Great Lakes Seaway Partnership has been a client of shark&minnow since 2017.


The Soo Locks are critical infrastructure for Great Lakes-Seaway shipping and the North American Economy. As one of the largest and busiest waterways on earth, a combination of locks and canals swiftly lift and lower around 7,000 vessels annually. This network helps ships navigate the 21-foot drop in elevation between Lake Superior and Lakes Michigan and Huron.


The new Soo Lock project will construct a second, 1200-foot long lock, to handle thousand-foot vessels on the Great Lakes.

Most American politicians and policymakers are unaware of the Soo Locks and its pivotal role in Great Lakes Seaway shipping and its impact on our economy.


The challenge – How might we increase awareness and consciousness of the Soo Locks with American politicians and policymakers to be mindful of this essential system of infrastructure when lobbying and voting for funding and policy, and ultimately, to secure funding for America’s connection to the global economy.



These posters were designed to celebrate the positive impact this new project and the effects it will have on our economy and American prosperity as a whole. All proceeds from sales of these posters go directly back into Great Lakes maritime institutions.


The design was inspired by the Work Projects Administration’s (WPA) Poster Collection, which had a similar goal of creating art for the common good. After initial research and photography of the Soo Locks infrastructure, we worked with an independent illustrator to render the designs and fulfill this vision. These illustrations were drawn from photographic reference of the Locks and were rendered with a subtle vibrancy to reflect the style of the WPA Poster Collection used as inspiration.


  • Media Event: Soo Locks Media Roundtable & Commemoration Livestream with Leaders of Great Lakes Shipping at the National Museum of the Great Lakes

  • Posters: Custom-illustrated artwork with outside vendor

  • Meeting Education Kit & Infographic

  • Content Marketing

  • Photography

  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

On behalf of The Great Lakes Seaway Partnership, shark&minnow distributed the posters to politicians, policymakers, and trade association members across The Great Lakes region. Additionally, the firm partnered with the National Museum of the Great Lakes in Toledo, Ohio, and the Soo Locks Visitor Center in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan to distribute the posters to the public – With 100% of all proceeds from poster sales go directly to these Great Lakes maritime institutions.

*photo & description credit to shark&minnow

*project & photography created through shark&minnow

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