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Scare Your Soul is a global movement that empowers thousands of people every day… one small but powerful act of courage at a time.


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As a relatively new organization, Scare Your Soul needed help telling their story and communicating who they are and what they do. They needed a brand that stood the test of time,  and told the story of the movement. They needed a website where people could gather and they needed a social media presence that allowed them to reach new Ambassadors. 


Throughout the development of the logo, we had ideated around what kind of symbol we should use to represent the strength, enlightenment, AND emotion that the SYS organization inspires. While a lightning bolt is a very strong symbol that has implied motion and strength, it wasn't quite capturing the emotional pull that the organization fuels. Where the lightning bolt lacks in that emotion, the flame symbol helps to feel more welcoming and features curvatures that reflect a more human-like figure. The flame is a symbol that represents passion and desire, while also being commonly representative of inspiration & and enlightenment in the form of a torch (think Statue of Liberty). 


The Scare Your Soul Flame is inspired by a combination of a lightning bolt shape, with the fluidity and movement of a spark/flame and the feathered texture of a rising phoenix. The combination of these symbols being pieced together to create the 'Flame' icon symbolizes the Scare Your Soul process of desiring a change, pushing beyond your comfort zone, and being released from the fears that can hold us back from our best, fullest lives. 


Furthermore, the use of intertwining the flame into the Scare Your Soul wordmark on the cover of the book is symbolic of the disruption of the soul that occurs as a person embarks on their own SYS journey. The weaving between letters helps to display the true support system that the organization holds for each user, as the community grows. 


Scare Your Soul is a global courage movement to inspire millions to face the unknown, rise from the ashes, and fuel your internal spark. 



The Scare Your Soul Website prior to our work was lacking in storytelling, emotional inspiration, and didn't present the organization in a way that explained the movement in a strong enough manner. Our website design was designed to be bold and use strong photography and videos to inspire anyone who may cross it. 

Within the website, we incorporated the first-of-its-kind ONLINE book journal. We worked with the published to create a QR code toward our website that would be printed into the book, to allow anyone with access to the book to be able to create an account and fill out the journal prompts that are within the book online, rather than drawing on the pages themselves. This allowed for more users to access the books through the public library rental systems, and accommodated to those who may not want to ruin their beautiful copies at home. 


Overall, working with the Scare Your Soul movement and Scott Simon himself was a very empowering and exciting journey. Our strategic design allowed for the brand to reach new heights and thrive across the nation. The book has continued to be a big success for the brand along with all of the collateral that we were able to assist with creating.

*project & photography created through shark&minnow

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