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Shaker Heights Realtor Kit



Shaker Heights, often referred to as the "City of Trees," is an emblem of affluence and tranquility. Its tree-lined streets, carefully preserved historic architecture, and vibrant cultural scene make it an enviable address. Immersed in culture, Shaker Heights boasts top-notch schools, a thriving arts community, and a rich history that beckons you to explore every corner.


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The city came to us with the goal of selling more homes within the city to welcome newcomers. Previously, the realtors within the city limits would share a standard brochure about the city or even just about the home itself, but those pieces tend to get left behind, untouched, or thrown away by visitors. The challenge they presented to us was: How can we present the city in way that welcomes and excites potential homeowners as they tour homes within the area in order to sell more homes?  


Our Realtor Kit extends far beyond just buying and selling homes. It opens the doors to Shaker Heights' soul, taking you on a journey through its charming neighborhoods, distinguished landmarks, and vibrant cultural scene. 

Rather than developing a standard trifold brochure for these realtors to leave behind, we wanted to approach the project with a bit more inspiration. While the homes could sell themselves, we wanted to make sure that we were properly selling the city in a high-end fashion. 

We approached the project with the idea: What are the steps to making a house, a home? 

Knowing that the first step to making any house a home is likely going to be to renovate or furnish it to your own style, which would require an interior designer or at least plenty of samples and swatches, we felt inspired by the idea of creating a swatchbook, establishing the palette of Shaker Heights.


The Shaker Heights swatchbook was custom-created to feature different layers of swatch papers, each with differing textures to elevate the touch and feel of the brochure, designed to highlight the different amenities of Shaker Heights that residents enjoy. 

Not only was this swatchbook informative, tactile, and memorable, but we wanted to make sure we weren't just making another brochure that would be left around or thrown away. We created 3 of the swatches to be perforated and torn away to be used outside of the brochure. The first swatch is a Shaker Heights bookmark. The last two are postcards with prompts, designed for residents to share to their friends and family to share their excitement for their new city. 

In addition to this high-end brochure, the Realtor Kit included custom VideoCards, and a linen postcard, to establish multiple touchpoints and experiences for different audiences. The VideoCards feature an LCD screen with 5 videos embedded so that a viewer could open the card and watch each video play in the palm of their hands. With a QR code integrated into each of these pieces, we made sure that we were always leading to expand the print experience into the digital and leading viewers to our campaign landing page. 

*project & photography created through shark&minnow

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