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Marshall Flooring is a third generation family-run business that cares about each of their customers. With over 260+ years of combined sales team experience, Marshall Flooring is in the business of making sure that their customers walk out satisfied every time.

Grandfather Marshall started the company back in 1966, and throughout the years, we’ve continued to build our business on the backbone of his hard work. Our loyal, long-standing team is proof that we’re doing something right. Marc and Chuck Wien took over the business from their father, Marshall, and now Marc’s boys – Matt, Ryan, and Nate – are carrying on the family tradition.


Establishing a logo that continues to tell the legacy story behind the brand and represent the wide variety of flooring, home materials, and services they offer. 



Inspired by the heritage and family history behind the brand, the Marshall Flooring logo takes on a bold new look which tells the story of the organization. The ‘House’ icon is composed of three linear forms, representing the three generations of family that are the heritage of Marshall Flooring. These three columns connect to form an ‘M’ letterform, representative of the Marshall name. This form is adjoined to an angular element, forming a home-like icon – symbolic of the elevated and enhanced home that you build along with the Marshall Flooring team. The logo is a testament to Marshall Flooring’s dedication to every valued customer, assisting them every step of the way, as they navigate the vast flooring choices that set the tone for the home that they love.


  • Photography Art Direction

  • Logo & Brand Guidelines

*photo & description credit to shark&minnow

*project & photography created through shark&minnow

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