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Argonaut is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates programs under the areas of education, environment, and safety. We partner with Davis High School, part of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, to connect students with life-changing, hands on education and experience.

The Greek legend of Argonaut tells a story of heroic adventurers engaged in a quest. That same theme applies to Argonaut’s mission today – we seek to break the cycle of poverty and increase equity in education by providing hands-on experiential learning opportunities and work experience for youth interested in exploring careers in aerospace and maritime.


Establishing a logo that students and staff will feel proud to wear. Logo must be strong, bold, and have strong symbolism and a storytelling nature. 



Inspired by the maritime and aviation industries, the Argonaut Brand takes on a bold new look which tells the story of the organization. The ‘Trident’ icon is made up of two linear forms which represent abstract versions of a ship’s hull, and the arrow acting as an abstract plane form. The combination of both maritime and aviation references to create this form draw the connection between the two fields to create a Trident form which is symbolic of safety, protection, and power. The logo overall acts as a testament to the idea that the Argonaut organization is acting as the defender and hero of Cleveland youth, helping them to experience and discover an authentic sense of self, community, and place within these industries.

With the Argonaut Logo development, we also developed an updated refresh logo for the Davis Aerospace & Maritime High School, and their mascot logo, the Argonauts. 


  • Logo & Brand Guidelines

  • Identity Suite (business cards, letterhead,etc.)

  • Brand Video

  • Website

  • Brochures

*photo credit to Argonaut 

*project & photography created through shark&minnow

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